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AT: I learned through this process that it’s ok, as a staff member of the U, to be critical of the U, but that it has to be . . . it’s almost like it has to be done as an external voice . . . trying to bring an external voice internal, you know? In some ways I’m an open door or something to allow it a space inside of the walls of the university.

ICC: So you needed a community partner, or somebody on the outside, to knock on that door or stroll through that open doorway in order to raise those questions and tell that story? Is that fair to say?

AT: Yeah, I think so. That’s not to say that I work at a place that says you’re not allowed to be critical . . . but I think that for the story, this kind of story is about the community perspective and that it does require that partnership with an outside org to bring that into the fold.

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