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Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Press and Cincinnati Library Publishing Services open access titles.
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Welcome to Service-Learning at the University of Cincinnati

Service-Learning is a specially-designed learning experience in which students combine reflection with structured participation in community-based projects to achieve specified learning outcomes as part of an academic course and/or program requirement.

At the University of Cincinnati, the birthplace of Cooperative Education, service-learning is an experiential learning opportunity offered to students in more than 300 courses across the university, with over 5,000 students participating each year in undergraduate courses or service-learning co-ops. Through service-learning, UC students gain practical application of course content, real-world professional experience, course credit, and the opportunity to engage in their community. Community partners gain passionate new volunteers, expanded capacity for their mission, and valuable project work from engaged young leaders. Faculty members gain valuable teaching insights, increased student engagement, and research opportunities.

To learn more about Service-Learning at UC, please visit our website here.

For questions on our open access platform or to contribute to the Service-Learning Pathway contact Elizabeth Scarpelli, Director, University of Cincinnati Press & Cincinnati Library Publisher Services or Daniel Mattox, Assistant Editor, University of Cincinnati Press.

This platform is designed to provide information to a wide variety of audiences. Students, faculty, community partners, and other higher education institutions can check out:

  • Chapters from the book “Making Sense of Service-Learning" by Michael J. Sharp, Service-Learning Director.
  • Essays about UC’s service-learning work from faculty, students, and community partners.
  • Video testimonials about UC’s service-learning work from faculty, students, and community partners.
  • A Storymap of UC’s service-learning community partners.
  • A Toolbox of resources from UC’s service-learning practitioners.

In 2020, the United States was involved in sustained, diverse nationwide outrage the likes of which has not been seen in many areas of our country for decades. Headlines, news stories, social media and diverse voices fill the daily news. Startling images, alarming data, science, activism and uncertainty drive voices across socioeconomic groups with the hope of creating change. University press publishers participate in this movement in many ways—of note publishing intellectual output which offers clarity, disciplinary perspective and broadens the knowledge created through academic research, data, scholarly theory and original thought.

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Director | University of Cincinnati Press & Library Publisher Services
As the official resource of ABS, Issues in Race & Society is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal. The biannual journal distinguishes itself as an interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and global examination of the increasingly racial and racialized world that connects us all. It provides a space where all voices can be heard and diverse conversations can occur about the relationship and interconnections between race, power, privilege, and location operating across cultures and societies.
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