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ICC: Do you want to say who you are?

AT: I’m Aubrey Thompson. I’m currently the Community Engagement Manager for the Environmental Health Sciences Center here at UCD. I was previously at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute which is the role I was in when we did this project . . .

[. . .] That org has been around for 10 years. . . . But the name to really remember is UC SAREP [UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program] and that program was started as a legislative mandate following the tomato harvester lawsuits that took place.

ICC: Ok, well I am sitting here with Aubrey. I’m Ildi Carlisle-Cummins, I direct the Cal Ag Roots project. [. . .] And the org that I work for, CIRS [California Institute for Rural Studies], has its roots in this particular conflict over the development of the tomato harvester.

AT: The podcast “There’s Nothing More Californian Than Ketchup” is a story of an instance when the public university did not serve the public evenly. It served some needs and did not serve others.

ICC: I would say it’s also an origin story about some key organizations that have been at the forefront of California food movement work. . . . for the past fifty years.

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