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Aubrey Thompson (AT): Do you have your radio voice on?

Ildi Carlisle-Cummins (ICC): Here we are in the middle of Aubrey’s workday, remembering work done three years ago. But yeah, we’re gonna try and, like, think about how and why we made this story about the tomato harvester and what it was like to work together, like from very different roles. As friends [giggle], but coming at it from very different roles.

AT: Well, should we break it down a little bit? [Yes] Well, from my perspective, I work at a public university that has decreasing public funds as the years go on and yet is consistently responsible to the public that it serves and needs to better learn how to do that.

AT: [. . .] A public university with public funds is one thing, but a public university that actually responds to the needs of its public, is another challenge altogether. And I see it as my work, in my current role and my past role, to . . . improve that.

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