UC Writes About Service-Learning

UC faculty and students write about their experiences in service-learning courses

UC Writes About Service-Learning is a collection of essays written by faculty, staff, and students who participate in service-learning courses and programs at the University of Cincinnati. These essays explore a wide range of topics from the effect of service-learning courses on student learning and community impact to the experience of administrators trying to maintain and grow a service-learning program during a global pandemic.

Each essay listed below has several keywords and an abstract to make it easier to search entries for topics you are interested in. If you would like to publish an essay on service-learning with us or hear more about service-learning opportunities at UC, please email Daniel Mattox, the project manager for the Platform in Social Innovation: Service-Learning and Transformational Pedagogies Pathway, at UCincyPressAEditor@ucmail.uc.edu.

Additional resources for those interested in learning about the University of Cincinnati’s service-learning program or those interested in developing their own service-learning course or program can be found by clicking the Platform in Social Innovation button on the right.

Essays about Service-Learning

  • The Story Of Service Learning

    by Grace Shields

    Keywords: co-op, nonprofit, coursework, mentors, philanthropy

    A reflection on the student experience of service-learning courses and co-ops at the University of Cincinnati. Using examples from a course on philanthropy and the experiences of some service-learning co-op students, this essays brings together a variety of student experiences to explore the impact of service-learning at UC on the community and the students.

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  • Avoid The One And Done Building Service Learning Relationships That Last

    by Associate Professor-Educator in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, University of Cincinnati Megan Church-Nally

    Keywords: nonprofit, service learning, volunteer, collaboration, community

    Practical advice for how to move beyond one and done projects and into longer term service-learning relationships are shared here. These tips have been compiled over a decade of service-learning experience to prevent common obstacles. Following these tips will result in collaborative service-learning relationships.

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  • The Better Place Project: Creating Connections Between The University And The City

    by Stacey Martin (she/her), Associate Director of First-Year Experience at the UC Learning Commons, Darby Holman (she/her), former Peer Leader Coordinator and graduate of the class of 2022

    Keywords: Learning Community, Community Partnership, First Year Experience, Service Learning, and Learning CommonsPr

    The Better Place Project is designed to help first year students understand the connection between the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati community while also using, and further developing, skills from the classroom. By the end of the initiative, students will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to stay involved within community-based organizations for the entirety of their time at UC.

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  • A Model For Music And Health Science Collaboration By Fiol And Shatz

    by Stefan Fiol , (He/Him), Professor of Ethnomusicology, UC College-Conservatory of Music, Rhonna Shatz, DO (she/her), Chair, Alzheimer’s Disease Research & Education; Director of the Cognitive Disorders Clinic, UC Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation

    Keywords: Neurodegeneration; Arts-Based Learning; Intergenerational; Music; Mindfulness; Neuroscience;

    Music and the performing arts can be used to foster connection, compassion, and intimacy across age groups, cultural backgrounds, and cognitive abilities. We present a model for music and health science collaboration focused on small-group, arts-based interaction between students in music and medicine, community members experiencing neurodegeneration, and their care partners.

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  • Centering Health Equity In Service Learning: Resources And Connection

    by Robin Arnsperger Selzer , PhD, is an Associate Professor in Experience-Based Learning & Career Education at the University of Cincinnati, Yamaan Ahmad (UC '24) , medical sciences major and public health minor

    Keywords: Healthcare Disparities, COVID-19, Global Pandemic, Community Partnership, Social Justice

    This essay combines the key components of service learning: course content, meaningful service, and critical reflection written from the lenses of an instructor, student, and community partner (SERC, 2022).

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  • Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

    by Paula Harper, Manager of Partnership Development Service-Learning Co-op Program

    Keywords: funding, internship opportunities for gen-1, internships for work study students, low income students, underrepresented minorities, non-profit partner funding for student workers, academic internship program

    UC’s co-op learning program has long benefited students in subjects like engineering and computer science that have well-established education-to-career pipelines. Recently UC has created a blend of co-op and service-learning to create similar opportunities for students in the arts and sciences. The results, even during the pandemic, have been outstanding.

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  • Healthcare In The Community

    by Laura Nabors, PhD, professor in the School of Human Services, Abigail (Abby) Overstreet, senior in the Health Promotion and Education Program

    Keywords: Service-Learning, Community-Engaged Practice, Healthy Lifestyle Programming, Obesity Prevention Programming, Program Planning and Evaluation

    Service-learning provides opportunities for college students to foster civic engagement. The Healthy Bearcats Program in the Health Promotion and Education Program, in the School of Human Services, College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services provides college students with opportunities to engage in service-learning with children and young adults.

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  • Service Learning And The First Year Experience: Fostering Business, Social, And Educational Impact

    by Sarah Jernigan, academic advisor for the Lindner College of Business, Marianne Lewis, PhD, tenth Dean; professor of management at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business

    Keywords: Leadership, Business Ethics, Community Partners, Non-Profit, Learner Communities

    The Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati has long prioritized the first-year experience as the impetus toward shaping well-rounded business professionals. Lindner leadership recognized that to develop business students rapidly and holistically, they should be cultivated as whole persons from the start.

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  • Service Learning At A Distance

    by Rebecca Sutherland Borah, PhD, associate professor of English

    Keywords: Service-Learning, Composition, College Writing, Literacy, Herbert Braun, Covid-19, Indirect Service

    Students learn lessons in civic engagement and social justice beyond the normal academic setting by engaging with community partners to meet the needs of their clients. Because of the intensive planning and partnerships required in the initial startup, service-learning can be a challenge for professors, agencies, and students alike. These difficulties were exacerbated by the pandemic and required new approaches to service-learning that took advantage of opportunities for working from home and indirect service.

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  • Service Learning And Critical Philanthropy In Environmental Studies

    by Rob Gioielli, PhD, associate professor of history and environmental studies at University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

    Keywords: Environmental Activism, Role of Philanthropy, Grantmaking, Professor Intervention, Working with Volunteers, Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Accomplishments, Service-Learning Pedagogy, American Civic Life

    Service-learning is a vital pedagogical tool if we are going to create just and sustainable societies. Students need to see and experience the significant social and environmental inequalities that shape American societies, but also gain hope through participating in the dynamic and creative ways folks in our communities are working to address those challenges.

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  • Relationship Building In Service Learning

    by Michele D. Kegley, PhD, is an associate professor Business and Economics at UC Blue Ash; Program Director Technical and Applied Studies

    Keywords: Relationship Building, Service-Learning, Virtual/Online Engagement, Learning by Working, Volunteer Database

    Service-learning in classes allows students to apply learning and course content in meaningful and relevant ways, while making connections with their community.

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