Toolbox of Service-Learning Resources

A collection of resources and guides to help staff and faculty at UC and other institutions develop, maintain, and strengthen their service-learning programs and courses

The Service-Learning Toolbox is a curated collection of resources designed to aid in the development and improvement of service-learning programs. By offering sample syllabi, administrative guides, and other resources from the University of Cincinnati Service-Learning community, we hope to create a collection of open educational resources that can be utilized directly or adapted for the use of faculty and administrators at other colleges and universities.

If you would like to submit a resource to our toolkit or if you would like to request the development of a resource, please contact Daniel Mattox at

Table of Contents

More on Service Learning at UC

  • Avoid The One And Done Building Service Learning Relationships That Last

    by Associate Professor-Educator in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, University of Cincinnati Megan Church-Nally

    Keywords: nonprofit, service learning, volunteer, collaboration, community

    Practical advice for how to move beyond one and done projects and into longer term service-learning relationships are shared here. These tips have been compiled over a decade of service-learning experience to prevent common obstacles. Following these tips will result in collaborative service-learning relationships.

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  • Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

    by Paula Harper, Manager of Partnership Development Service-Learning Co-op Program

    Keywords: funding, internship opportunities for gen-1, internships for work study students, low income students, underrepresented minorities, non-profit partner funding for student workers, academic internship program

    UC’s co-op learning program has long benefited students in subjects like engineering and computer science that have well-establish education-to-career pipelines. Recently UC has created a blend of co-op and service-learning to create similar opportunities for students in the arts and sciences. The results, even during the pandemic, have been outstanding.

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  • Service-Learning Open Access Resources

    by Debbie Tenofsky, Senior Librarian; Head of Research, Teaching, & Services Accessibility; Resources Librarian, University of Cincinnati Libraries

    Keywords: Student Outcomes, Pedagogy, Administration, Partnerships, Community Impact

    A curated selection of open access publications that can aid in the development of service-learning resources. Resources include pedagogical tools for service-learning courses, research concerning student and community outcomes, and descriptions of successful administrative strategies for starting and maintaining service-learning programs.

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  • Service-Learning Collaboratory

    Keywords: Course Description, Pedagogy, Course Design, Community Impact, Partnerships

    The Service Learning Collaboratory gives students the opportunity to explore and meet a community need as part of a cross-disciplinary team charged with completing a specific project. Each term, the model is the same but the subjects and collaborators change to cover a variety of industries and disciplines. Students can expect relatively little traditional lecture. Much of their learning occurs through interactions with peers, instructors, clients and expert guests. The result is student learning that is active, engaged, hands-on and real.

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