Service-Learning Partners

A storymap of the different non-profit partners that participate in the UC service-learning program

By clicking on the link below you can see the University of Cincinnati Service-Learning Partners Storymap. This includes information on over 100 non-profit organizations that have partnered with the UC Service-Learning program to offer opportunities to students in dozens of courses across all of the colleges at the university. While most partnerships are in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, partners can be found as far away as Louisville, Detroit, and New York. Several of these partnerships started during the Covid-19 pandemic and helped offer remote opportunities to students and faculty.

If you are interested in becoming a service-learning partner institution, then please follow the Potential Partners link on the right. If you want to see a full stand alone version of the storymaps embedded below, then please click the button below.

Welcome to Service-Learning at the University of Cincinnati

Service-Learning is a specially designed learning experience in which students combine reflection with structured participation in community-based projects to achieve specified learning outcomes as part of an academic course and/or program requirement.

This StoryMap displays information about Service-Learning opportunities at the University of Cincinnati and the non-profit organizations that partner with the Service-Learning projects. The maps below show the locations of several of the non-profit organizations involved in Service-Learning.

This StoryMap is designed to provide information to a wide variety of audiences:

  • If you are a student at UC, you can learn about courses you can take and programs you can join to pursue Service-Learning opportunities.
  • If you are a faculty member at UC, you can learn about how you can integrate Service-Learning projects into your classes.
  • If you work with a non-profit organization, you can learn about how to partner with the University of Cincinnati and get students involved in Service-Learning projects at your organization.
  • If you work at another university, you can learn more about organizing Service-Learning opportunities at your institution and partnering with organizations in your community.

To learn more about participating in Service-Learning opportunities at the University of Cincinnati, click here.

The first map highlights some of the partnerships between non-profit organizations and Service-Learning programs at the University of Cincinnati. The tabs for each organization include information about the organization, video testimonials by partnership participants, and essays by faculty and students involved in Service-Learning programs at UC.

Click on a tab or location on the map to learn more about the projects and courses interacting with each organization. You can zoom-in and scroll around the map, and the home button will return the map to its original state. After viewing the information on a tab, you can click the 'X' to return to the full grid of tabs.

The second map below shows the locations and information of several other non-profit organizations that have partnered with Service-Learning projects at the University of Cincinnati. The diverse array of partner organizations will give you an idea of the kinds of causes you can support and opportunities you can pursue through Service-Learning at UC!


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