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ICC: So do you think that was a unique moment?

AT: You mean because you were in this initial thought process of what the strategy of Cal Ag Roots was going to be? No . . . I don’t think that it was particular to that, and I think that in some ways it maybe would be even stronger now because I think we both have a stronger sense of our own . . . the process of this podcast was a lot about navigating what roles we were allowed to play and expected to play in this storytelling process. And I think we both have a stronger sense now of what that role is and what the rules are . . . and what rules we can bend, what boundaries we can push. I think we sifted through it together pretty intensely at that time. And I think if we did it again we would have stronger . . . we would feel more self-confident in it.

ICC: So what rules would you be willing to break with me? [Laughter]

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