Bicycling Through Paradise, Updated and Revised

Historical Tours Around Cincinnati

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Kathleen Smythe
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Chris Hanlin

Bicycling Through Paradise is a book of cycling tours centered around Cincinnati, Ohio. The authors, two longtime cyclers—offer an intimate and informative read of the local landscape and passing sites from the perspectives of cycling and Cincinnati enthusiasts.

Open access StoryMaps found below provide turn-by-turn directions, wayfinding photos and brief details about parts of the routes. These maps provide an annotations feature for cyclers to post comments about their rides. Together, the book and the open access StoryMaps create a community destination for cyclers to interact with each others and the authors unlike any other book and website.

Tell us about your favorite ride, or share details of your journey. Comments from the authors, the Press and other cyclers will be found here. Did the route change due to construction? Did you find something interesting along a tour? Let our authors and other cyclers know. Help us build and bring together our reading and riding communities. By following this project, you will be notified daily when comments are added.

In total, 19 tours ranging from 20 to 80 miles in length have been developed by Smythe and Hanlin. Enjoy, but don't forget to come back and tell us about your experience!

The 2nd edition of Bicycling Through Paradise will be released in May 2025. Now a part of the University of Cincinnati Press’s Thinking About Ohio series, the new edition will feature two new chapters and some updated content.

Photo by Chris Hanlin

Cover design by Jen Flint

Kathleen Smythe is a professor of history and sustainability at Xavier University.

Chris Hanlin is an architect, amateur historian, photographer, and longtime cyclist.


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Bicycling Through Paradise